Attracting Women to gender vs. Guarding Daughters from Intercourse | ladies Chase

Hello Alek.

I’ve seen anything when it comes to Girls Chase plus the attraction society at large.

There seems to be plenty of cognitive bias and mental dishonesty contained in this space Re: «nymphos».

See, within room we illustrate that ladies are humankind the same as guys and really should for that reason be free to practice sex freely w/o reasoning.

Furthermore, the concept of «high human anatomy number» is actually a low concern to united states «lovers» unless getting an LTR.

However, the facts show that «most» women are NOT actually designed for everyday gender. Many high n rely females either have actually character disorders, records of son or daughter misuse, poor impulse control or high intercourse drives.

By and large ladies barter sex for interactions and continuous hookups for all the normal girl without committment injuries her mind. That’s why FWB girls occasionally get jaded and sick and tired of unused gender.

Here is an idea, if ladies like-sex really, the reason why cant they hold down an FWB arrangemnt in perpetuity like guys would like?

Chase has also countered the discussion that older seducers do not corrupt younger ladies by fucking all of them younger 18/19yo) because ladies have agency and may imagine for themselves.

Yet we also continue to say that women are attractive small smurfs who need guidance and way. They aren’t best decision makers especially when youthful.

Simply speaking each one of these axioms there is right here be seemingly rationalisations for «lovers» to bang ladies without struggling with guilt.

And another way i could show it is to request a write-up entitled «The Letter to my 18yo girl» or sth along these lines giving her advice on how to manouver intimate relations as she goes off to begin her first year in college.

Might you still inform your child that the fine to bang a sleek talking man on the first day if she feels the feeling?

Could you still inform this lady that human anatomy matter is actually a personal construct utilized by prudes and puritans? One nightstands tend to be perfectly fine.

Do you really nevertheless allow their are banged by more mature guys (30s) whilst in the woman first 12 months of college because older man + younger girl is actually a completely regular action to take?

I find it tough difficult to completely embody the lover archetype because it regularly clashes aided by the patriach archetype inside me whom thinks he may have a child someday.

And I also keep in mind that this web site will not give ladies advice because it’s a males website for males in this case saying that could be a simple cop out from dealing with the disingenious character for the situations we instruct here Re: ladies and gender

Is it possible to end up being an enthusiast and a patriach without having intellectual dissonance?

Trillion Dollar Question.

I favor this concern, and I’d want to respond to it… very, although it might resolved to Alek, i would ike to weigh-in with my applying for grants it as well.

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